LATEST | Bettman answers to Hasek's call of «heinous act» in the ASG

Published February 5, 2023 at 7:17 PM

The legendary netminder Dominik Hasek called out the NHL last night for their use of Alex Ovechkin's son as a heinous act in the political debate between Russia and Ukraine.

Though Gary Bettman didn't take the accusations lightly and shed some light on Hasek's comments:

"I don't think he speaks either for the Czech government or people, but he's entitled to his opinion. Which I disagree with, by the way, just so the record is clear."

The ongoing situation between Russia and Ukraine is absolutely devastating, but should we really link it to everything that goes on here? Hasek does have a point, but is it really a heinous act to allow Russian players to participate in League activities?

Does he want the NHL to ban all Russian players because of the Russian Government's actions? To think that somebody would believe that a war would solve a problem in the "modern era" is outrageous, but does it really make all Russians a supporter of the cause?
February 5   |   484 answers
LATEST | Bettman answers to Hasek's call of «heinous act» in the ASG

Should the NHL ban the Russians because of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

Yes18538.2 %
No29961.8 %
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