*HOT*: New info on Kuzmenko's extension

Published December 17, 2022 at 11:49

New information has come up about the Russian winger on Sekeres & Price regarding his next extension.

Dan Milstein, his agent, stated early in the month of November that they'd wait until July to sign his extension. Most perceived this information as an attempt from Kuzmenko to try and hit free agency on July 1st.

Though Dhaliwal was on Sekeres and Price yesterday and made a statement announcing positive things for the Vancouver Canucks :

"He loves Vancouver. As long as the #Canucks make a reasonable market value offer, I don't know why he would leave...they're going to try really hard, both sides, to try and get this done."

It seems like the reason Kuzmenko's camp wants to hold off until the end of the current season, is to determine what reasonable market value is. A 28 games sample for a 26-year-old player isn't that much. Dhaliwal believes that the Canucks will try and opt for a bridge deal.

After 28 games this season, he's registered 26 points in 28 games. Do you think he can keep it up? Will he keep the scoring going? It'll definitely be intriguing to see how things develop, but for now it looks like Kuzmenko will want to sign a long term deal sooner then later with the Canucks.
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*HOT*: New info on Kuzmenko's extension

What should their strategy be?

Long term right away7038.7 %
Brigde (2 year)7742.5 %
One year deal again3418.8 %
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