HOT TAKES | Trade proposal drawn up between the Leafs and the Canucks and it's starting to make sense for both sides

Published February 8, 2023 at 12:09

We're moving closer to the deadline and team's GMs will be making their last adjustments to their roster before heading into the playoffs. Canucks have already identify themselves as sellers with the recent trade involving their captain and on the other hand, the Leafs are expected to be buyers to increase their chances at a long run in the playoffs (if they can beat their 1st round curse).

The Canucks have multiple assets that gathers lots of interest on the trade market and in a recent article published in The Athletic, Harman Dayal proposed a trade linking the Leafs and the Canucks. The Leafs want to add to their forward group to have more depth and they certainly want an experienced defenseman, especially since Jake Muzzin is likely not coming back.

Here's the proposal he drew up :

To the Maple Leafs
Conor Garland
Luke Schenn

To the Canucks
Alexander Kerfoot
2024 2nd round pick
2023 3rd round pick
25% salary retention of Garland's deal.

Retaining salary on Garland's deal would represent $1.24M for the following three years. Dayal's take on the matter is unequivalent :

"Deal. I'd do this if I was in the Canucks' position. Vancouver would recoup a pair of quality draft picks and after this season, gain $3.7125 million in cap space for the next three years. That cap flexibility would be huge, whether you'd want to leverage it to upgrade the blue line or take bad short-term contracts from other teams for sweeteners."

He even suggests that Kerfoot could be flipped for picks at the deadline since he will hit free agency this summer.

On my end, I feel like the Canucks aren't getting enough to retain that much salary. Garland's trade value should theoretically not exceed Boeser's, to get only a second or a third and an upcoming UFA for Garland and one of the most sought after trade asset in Luke Schenn. The Canucks shouldn't tie themselves up with that much money.

Canucks will have already have to consider retaining for Boeser, let's not spend too much money for other teams. What's the public opinion on this take? Is there a deal to be made here?

CREDIT : The Athletic
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HOT TAKES | Trade proposal drawn up between the Leafs and the Canucks and it's starting to make sense for both sides

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