Henrik has arrived for Q&A at the HHOF

Published November 12, 2022 at 1:55 PM

Couple of gem sound bytes from the Hockey Hall of Fame Q&A once Henrik was able to arrive after a short battle with CoViD.

They are all courtesy of the Canucks Twitter account.

How about this little tidbit about playing the switcheroo on NHL Linesmen after getting waved out of the circle. Genius.

Then the twins & Luongo took another question from the media & fans in attendance, focusing on the community of Vancouver & what that meant to them during their time with the Canucks.

What an honour for 3 of the most likeable people to ever wear the uniform.


I know they didn't get the job all the way done, but if you were alive and watching the Twins work their magic, enjoyed the Canadian Hockey Gold Medal in 2010 & have read the way they're viewed by their peers, you know you witnessed something very special from these men.

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