Insider makes a big statement in the Horvat VS. Miller debate

Published December 15, 2022 at 10:04

Bo Horvat's name has been all over the news recently, which is normal since his contract expires at the end of the current season and the Canucks just simply don't have the money since they signed J.T. Miller to $56M over the summer.

Elliotte Friedman made quite the statement in his most recent 32 Written Thoughts regarding the Miller VS. Horvat debate, the latest debate in the fan community is whether the Canucks should've extended Horvat first or not. Here's the declaration:

''At the draft, there was league-wide consensus Horvat would be extended, with J.T. Miller's negotiation more of a challenging escape-room puzzle.''

Now if the Canucks management had originally planned to extend Horvat, how did they end up committing Miller instead? There is speculation all over the internet that it's actually the Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini who had a preference who would've stepped in and made the call. It's understandable since he's been having career years since his arrival, but Horvat's still the team's heart and soul.

He also revealed that the Canucks aren't too keen with the idea of going over Miller $56M, considering that we've only heard about an 8-year-deal whereas Miller got 7, shouldn't they consider breaking the $56M?

Moving forward, Friedman hates to talk in absolute, though he believes Horvat is the kind of guy that deals with business in the summer and plays during the season. Does that mean that Horvat won't negotiate until the end of the year? If that's the case, do you want to move him or do you risk losing with hopes that he extends his deal once the seasons comes to an end?
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Insider makes a big statement in the Horvat VS. Miller debate

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