LATEST | Analyst absolutely lost in on Tocchet and the Canucks ON AIR

Published April 5, 2023 at 8:39 PM

The Canucks lost a 4th game in a row last night and Rick Tocchet did not hold back in criticizing his players and the way they manage themselves. As noted in a previous article, Tocchet pointed out that the players' body language clearly showed a weak mind and he definitely didn't like that.

Jamie Dodd and Thomas Drance were on Canucks talks, after Tocchet had given his thoughts on the team's recent performances, Drance launched a rant on the way the organization had conducted itself. The two agreed that since Tocchet had taken over the reins, the players had been on their best behavior, until this sequence.

The pair of radio hosts pointed out that the issues the team had been showing the issues over the course of the last four games had been the cause of their repeated failures. Drance just went on about the arrogance of the way the team's management though that spending more money and hiring a new coach would fix everything, here's the clip:

''I'm honestly aghast at the idea this organization has conducted themselves in this manner and committed to a group of players who continue to show us who they are. It's one of the most preposterously arrogant pieces of team building I've ever seen in the NHL.''

Hard to argue with Drance on most of these points, the team had been showing some progress. However, it's hard to believe that they'd be able to keep this going for a full-length 82 games season where games actually meant something. In the end, only time will tell whether or not Allvin and Rutherford made the right call, but how do you think it looks as of right now? Do you side with Drance, or are you eager to see where this leads?
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LATEST | Analyst absolutely lost in on Tocchet and the Canucks ON AIR

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