LATEST | Former Canuck scorches Bo Horvat and calls him soft

Published May 3, 2023 at 6:46 PM

Back in his time with the Canucks, Bo Horvat was a National Treasure. The centerman had captained the team for a few years, but the Canucks and Horvat failed to get a deal done which forced Allvin's hand. Horvat ended up getting dealt to the Islanders.

In Long Island, Horvat was handed a massive 8 years and $8.5M, up until then everything seemed fine. Until Horvat compared the Vancouver fanbase to the New York fanbase which ended up causing a stir. He freely gave away his comments and since then, it seems like Horvat has turned into public enemy number one in every conversation.

Shane O'Brien, a former NHLer who played with the Canucks, now turned into a podcaster, hasn't stopped lashing out at the team's latest captain. Today on the Cam and Strick Podcast O'Brien talks about the events, calling him out big time:

''You didn't get to experience it, cause you never made the playoffs, ..., I think he's soft''

His full take:

O'Brien's comments caused quite the reactions, while some of the responses are in agreement with the former defenceman's take, some tend to protect Horvat.

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LATEST | Former Canuck scorches Bo Horvat and calls him soft

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