MAJOR | Coyotes could be moving out of Arizona as soon as next week

Published April 30, 2023 at 5:54 PM

The Arizona Coyotes have grown into a joke over the last few years and their Arena situation has only added oil to the burning fire.

The city of Tempe will be hosting a vote just a few days after the NHL Draft Lottery and according to the information Frank Seravalli provided while being aired on Sportsnet 960, we could be witnessing a franchise movement rather sooner than later:

‘'Seravalli on 960 says he could see the Coyotes moving as early as next season if the Tempe vote goes bad (and by the sounds of it, the team is worried)''

According to Seravalli, the team is worried and their fanbase should be as well. Per his saying, if the vote doesn't end on a positive note for the Coyotes, the team would be moving prior to the start of the 2023-2024 season. He listed Houston as the most likely destination:

‘'He added that Houston would seem to be the likeliest scenario.''

Could it finally be the end of this joke? By the looks of it, it will be a stressful week for the owners and their fans.

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MAJOR | Coyotes could be moving out of Arizona as soon as next week

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