MAJOR | NHL to make a big announcement concerning the Arizona Coyotes

Published April 1, 2023 at 7:41 PM

The Arizona Coyotes have been a joke over the last few years and things have only gotten worse this year since they've been playing in the Mullet Arena, Arizona State University's facility.

While nobody expected this franchise to get any worse, they moved to a facility where they could only host 5000 fans, which seems to be enough for their fanbase, but clearly not enough for NHL standards.

Jeff Marek made an extremely important revelation today regarding the Coyotes when he stated that they would possibly be getting the opportunity to play games against the Kings in Australia. Meaning the Coyotes would be playing as the home team, in Australia, in a building capable of hosting more than their usual 5000 fans.

The Coyotes have been a joke to the NHL's reputation for the past few years and it's time someone takes action about it. The latest report revealed that the City of Phoenix was suing Tempe for construction development which included the team's new arena.


At this point, not even Connor Bedard would save this franchise.
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MAJOR | NHL to make a big announcement concerning the Arizona Coyotes

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