MAJOR | Scout makes intriguing statement regarding top draft prospect: Allvin could hit a home run

Published May 12, 2023 at 5:57 PM

Now that the deal is closed on who will be awarded the talented centerman Connor Bedard and that the drafting order has been set, things are about to get really interesting since this draft class is meant to be one of the deepest in terms of talent since 2015 (Connor McDavid).

Just a year back when the 2022 World Juniors were underway, Connor Bedard was already fantastic as a first-year player. At this point, people were already anticipating the matchup between Bedard and the next Russian superstar Matvei Michkov who was also gathering lots of attention. The tournament was cut short because of the pandemic and Russia hasn't been allowed in IIHFs competition since then.

Michkov was considered to be, without a doubt, the second-best player in this draft and was even challenging Bedard for the top spot. The political conflict in which Russia is involved ultimately shadowed Michkov and the uncertainty of their future in North America causing him to drop a few spots in the draft.

Just a year ago he was meant to go second and now it seems clear he won't even go in the top3 and some even stated that he would be falling out of the top10. Cam Robinson, director of film scouting at EliteProspect, made quite the statement about the Russian phenom:

‘' Will Matvei Michkov fall in the draft?

No one knows for certain, but I do know there are several teams who expect him to be there after the first 10 picks.

The risk is nearly as high as the upside.''

The Canucks will be walking on the stage at no. 11, if he falls out of the top 10 the Canucks would potentially have a Russian Bedard on their hand. Michkov, a left-handed right winger, is a rare bread of offensive weapon and could very well be just as good as Bedard once he comes to North America.

The silver lining in this one, Michkov is under contract in the KHL until 2026 and will not be crossing the ocean before then. However, the prospect the Canucks will be drafting at 11, will most likely not end up being an impactful player before then.

It's quite clear that wingers are definitely not what the Canucks need most at this point, centermen and defensemen should be prioritized. However, with such a talented player available at 11, should the Canucks really pass on him?

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MAJOR | Scout makes intriguing statement regarding top draft prospect: Allvin could hit a home run

If he's available at number 11, should the Canucks draft Michkov?

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