MAJOR | The reason why Matthew Tkachuk didn't play in the elimination game revealed

Published June 13, 2023 at 8:43 PM

The Golden Knights massacred the Panthers one game in order to win their first-ever Stanley Cup. The Panthers caused a heck of a surprise as they took out 3 teams who were viewed as contenders, the Bruins, the Leafs and the Hurricanes.

Led by Sergei Bobrovsky's outstanding performances throughout the playoffs, along with Matthew Tkachuk ‘movie-scenario's' game-winning goals played big parts in Florida's deep playoff run.

The team ultimately came up short moments prior to the game, it was confirmed that Tkachuk had an injury so severe, he wouldn't be able to take part in what ended up being the season's last game.

‘'Matthew Tkachuk has a fractured sternum, which kept him out of Game 5, according to multiple sources.''

It was expected that the announcement was going to be huge for Tkachuk to miss one of if not the most important game in his young career. Would things have gone differently had he played? Would we be waiting on a Game 6 instead of watching Las Vegas celebrate?
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