NCAA Player Taunts Home Team's Crowd After Injuring A NHL Prospect

Published February 20, 2023 at 8:11 PM

Hockey is a physical sport and can get your adrenaline going, but there's an unwritten rule that you don't cross in the game, especially when it comes to intentionally injuring another player.

During this weekend in some NCAA action, the Arizona State Devils were hosting the LindenWood Lions, a 24-year-old Lions player named Hunter Johannes would cross a line of total disrespect after injuring ASU star and Los Angeles Kings prospect Lukas Sillinger. Please take a look at the play:

"Johannes taunts the crowd after a hard hit of #ASU Star Lukas Sillinger which knocked him unconscious when his head hit the ice." #HockeyHits

Johannes was given a 5-minute major for the incident, and as he was being ejected he seemed very proud of injuring Sillinger and wouldn't stop there, taunting the Arizona State fans in attendance on the way off the ice.

This is something no one should condone and hopefully Mr Johannes receives a lengthy suspension after this despicable show of unsportsmanship.
February 20   |   73 answers
NCAA Player Taunts Home Team's Crowd After Injuring A NHL Prospect

Should Johannes be suspended for his hit to Sillinger and taunting the crowd?

Yes6183.6 %
No1216.4 %
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