NEW EXPANSION TEAMS: Surprising Cities in the mix

Published December 12, 2022 at 5:26 PM

The NHL was previously very cautious with the possibilities of opening up to expansion teams. Though with the recent success they've had with the additions of the Seattle Kraken and the Vegas Golden Knights, they're now opening the conversation.

Recently on TJMS, Elliotte Friedman came back on the recent announcement that the league was seriously considering expanding. Without surprise, the experts have already begun their speculations about where the NHL's next destination.

Friedman went ahead and named the possible future landings of the NHL:

‘'I don't believe an expansion is imminent, but I do wonder if they get there someday because of the success Seattle and Vegas have been.''

He believes that the Bettman is highly considerate of the idea that Houston, Austin and Toronto could be getting an NHL team. Yes, Toronto a second time.

Although his comparse Jeff Marek's not so sure about Toronto's second team because of how much money the Maple Leafs are spending with the revenue sharing.

Would you agree to have a second team in Toronto?
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NEW EXPANSION TEAMS: Surprising Cities in the mix

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