Statement that did not age well for Johnny Hockey

Published December 8, 2022 at 7:52

The Johnny Gaudreau saga still creates a lot of consternation around most Flames fans since he left Calgary this summer.

The left winger inked a deal with Columbus Blue Jackets over the summer after refusing to sign with the Flames for various reason.

The Flames' were left hanging, the GM did not wait to fix the issue as he went out and acquired major replacement pieces. Though it's not what's up for discussion at this moment.

When he inked his most recent deal, Johnny stated the following:

‘' I came here to win hockey games ‘'

After 25 games this year, Johnny and the Jackets have only won 8, which is good for the 29th rank in the NHL. He might want to review his previous statement for ‘' I came here to win Bedard ‘'


Last night, the Jackets played the Sabres and it was no different for them as the Sabres handed them a 9-4 loss. How are you liking it Flames fans?
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Statement that did not age well for Johnny Hockey

Should've Calgary worked harder to retain his services?

Yeah932.1 %
Nope, good for the Flames1967.9 %
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