TRADE SUGGESTION | Canucks send Conor Garland to the Carolina Hurricanes

Published May 5, 2023 at 6:46 PM

The trade speculations will be coming on stronger the closer we get to the draft. Allvin has already opened up on his will to find a centerman to fit behind Pettersson and Miller. He's also stated that he'd be looking for players in their mid to early 20s.

An interesting trade suggestion came up involving the Canucks and the Hurricanes and there may be an interesting ending for both parties involved. The Canucks are looking to shed some cap space to bolster their centerman line, but they're also trying to add younger players who have not yet broken out.


- Jesperi Kotkaniemi


- Conor Garland
- 2025 2nd Round Pick VAN

Kotkaniemi, a former 3rd overall selection in 2018, 6'02'' and 200 pounds centerman who's been developing into a reliable centerman in Carolina. He collected 43 points in 82 games this year and his contribution to the game has only increased over the years. He definitely fits Allvin's scheme and the fact that he's signed at $4.82M AAV for 7 more years could make him an extremely valuable asset if Tocchet properly develops him.

On their end, the Canucks would be sending Conor Garland the other. The Canucks are trying to shed some space and Garland has looked to be the piece they were trying to move out. The thought was that Allvin would be moving one of his wingers (Garland/Boeser) to add a centerman via free agency, but if they were able to manage a trade of this sort, the Canucks would definitely be in a better position contract-wise.

If the opportunity presented itself, should the Canucks consider acquiring Kotkaniemi? Is Garland the piece you'd sacrifice to acquire the Centerman?

SOURCE: CapFriendly
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TRADE SUGGESTION | Canucks send Conor Garland to the Carolina Hurricanes

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