Tyler Myers' agent comment on the trade rumors to Ottawa

Published December 16, 2022 at 2:09 PM

Tyler Myers has not been up to the task since signing with the Canucks. His agent was on the Donnie and Dhali show today and made quite the comments about the situation.

The tall right-handed d-man has been rumoured before to being moved to the Sens, since he has a NMC, he needs to waive it before moving. His agent made quite the statement on the show:

"He did not reject a trade to Ottawa"

It seems to J.P. Barry that since the Canucks had Myers under contract all they've been trying to do is move him, he's also stated that Tyler is the kind of player that's in demand.

That's definitely some big statement. Moving forward it'll be interesting to see if a team is willing to take the $6M AAV coming with the tall defenseman. Should they move him?
December 16   |   502 answers
Tyler Myers' agent comment on the trade rumors to Ottawa

If he is in demand? Should he be dealt elsewhere?

Yes, asap please38276.1 %
No, he plays well6012 %
No, we don't have a replacement for him6012 %
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