EP40's agent makes major statement on Donnie and Dahli

Published December 16, 2022 at 1:20 PM

The stakes are high in this one. Elias Pettersson is definitely the future of this team down the middle, and his agent made a huge statement when he was on Donnie and Dhali earlier today.

Friedman's already declared that the Canucks had this contract renewal on their radar. Pettersson's new deal will be on the negotiation table this summer. Today, Pettersson's agent, J.P. Barry stated that it was up to the club to determine when the talks were going to take place.

''Does Pettersson want to sign long-term in VAN?"

''Yes, he does not want to go anywhere. We're definitely expecting a sit down with the team in that regard once they know more about the cap."

With all the rumors going around that Pettersson's wanted out, it certainly is refreshing to have some positivity around the club. From the discussions he's had with Canucks' management as of late, he knows they're not rebuilding, they're only a few pieces away from causing much damage.

He ended the interview with a comparable to Mat Barzal's most recent deal. The Islanders' superstar most recently inked an 8-year contract with a $9.15M AAV. Barzal currently has three goals and 30 points in as many games compared to Pettersson who stands at 13 goals and 34 points in only 29 outings. The way his season's going, could he ask for more?
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EP40's agent makes major statement on Donnie and Dahli

What's Pettersson worth?

Over $10M/year5610.9 %
If he wants anything lower then $10M, get it done20740.4 %
Between $8M and $9M20139.2 %
Less then $9M499.6 %
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