UPDATE: Thomas Drance is objective on Bo Horvat's next contract

Published December 2, 2022 at 4:48 PM

Bo Horvat has been the man of the hour lately and he's been a hot topic for almost every Canucks talk show, since he has yet to signed a contract extension.

Thomas Drance was on the Donnie & Dhali podcast on Friday and revealed some new information.

"I think there's a dawning reflecting that it's unlikely to happen, I think at this point everyone knows that it's unlikely."

In the interview, he stated that as we approach the deadline with the direction the team is taking; we're more then likely to see Bo Horvat as the top trading asset.

The hosts and the guest argued that they'd heard different info. Drance was categoric on where he stands, Horvat is still on his wish list for next season, but he feels like both sides are not very optimistic about the matter.

Now, what would be a fair value for Bo Horvat? He's top 5 in goals, top 10 in both faceoffs and total ice time. Drance addressed the matter:

"You look through the history of these types of trades, it's usually 3 assets, right?"

He believes that Horvat would fetch a similar return to Matt Duchene when he moved from Ottawa to Columbus or even Kevin Hayes when he was shipped from the Rangers to the Jets.

Moving forward, we're still hoping the Canucks can gain their confidence back and fight for a playoff spot instead!
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UPDATE: Thomas Drance is objective on Bo Horvat's next contract

Would you consider moving Horvat for such a return?

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