WATCH: Boudreau comments on his lines changes

Published December 14, 2022 at 1:04 PM

Bruce Boudreau's made changes to this top-six ahead of tonight's matchup and it's causing quite the argument in the media.

Lazar will skate on the team's top line with Miller and Horvat, while Kuzmenko will take his spot back on Mikheyev and Pettersson's right side. Boudreau stepped in front of the camera to discuss his choices.

'' The best they've played, this year is when they've played together.''

Through the first 20 games, they were the most dominant 5-on-5 line in the league, they were first separated to see if they could spark up other teammates that had been sloppy in this season's debut. Tonight we'll see if their magic continues to operate!

Boudreau's trying to send a message, most likely to Brock Boeser and Conor Garland. Playing on the top line is not awarded by the talent, but by the work they put in and that's why Lazar will skate on the first line, even though he's only registered one goal in the past 16 games.

Will Boudreau's strategy be good enough for the Canucks to capture the win in Calgary?
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WATCH: Boudreau comments on his lines changes

Will the strategy prevail?

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No5164.6 %
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