WATCH: Miller throwing a tantrum at the goalie has happened before

Published December 31, 2022 at 9:29

J.T. Miller has been under the loop since he was handed his $56M contract this summer and so far he has not played or acted up to the standards he set when he had a career high 99 points last season.

The recent event with Collin Delia have been cause for a lot of discussions amongst the media when he was caught in a tantrum screaming at the team's third string goaltender. Even though Miller has been putting up decent numbers on the score sheet, he hasn't been a mere shadow of the player we've seen last season.

The question that stood out most after the events in Winnipeg was whether or not Miller was beginning to show his true character or if it was only a one-time thing. The research shows that it's happened before, while he was with the Rangers. His victim at that time was no other than Rangers' legendary netminder Henrik Lundqvist.

The results of this led to Miller being traded just 2 days later. He was traded along with Ryan McDonagh to the Lightning. No later than a year and half later, Tampa Bay shipped Miller in Canuckland. If Cup winning teams trade a player like him, it certainly makes you wonder if he can take your team to the next level?
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WATCH: Miller throwing a tantrum at the goalie has happened before

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