WOW | Complete mayhem breaks out between two cup contenders

Published March 9, 2023 at 8:29 PM

The Vegas Golden Knights were in Tampa Bay Thursday night to face the Lightning in what could possibly be the Stanley Cup final this year.

Things got playoff crazy at the end of the first period when Golden Knights Alex Pietrangelo tripped Lightning's Nikita Kucherov.


Players from both sides got involved causing one crazy scrum between two teams that don't even play each other that often, but yet it felt like we had the battle of Alberta before our eyes. A grand total of 144 minutes in penalties were handed out during that 60-minute game and the NHL still hasn't said a word, but it wouldn't be a surprise if fines were to be delivered.

Here are the 144 minutes in penalty:

This game had everything you wanted as a hockey fan, making you hope these two could have a playoff series. A playoff matchup showcasing this much energy and intensity would certainly be a thrill to assist or even watch on our TVs. It's a shame that these two can only meet in the Cup Finals.
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WOW | Complete mayhem breaks out between two cup contenders

Who would win in a playoff series between Vegas and Tampa?

Vegas3228.8 %
Tampa7971.2 %
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