*WOW*: Former player makes absolutely ruthless comment on John Torterella

Published December 19, 2022 at 9:48

John Tortorella has been doing his thing in the NHL for the last 20 years and most player he's coached may tell you he was never their favorite.

Keith Yandle definitely wasn't one of his fans, as you will understand with the following statement. The recently retired NHL veteran commented on Torterella's decision to scratch Kevin Hayes, the team's leading scorer.

To remind everyone of the history between Yandle and the Flyers; Yandle had the longest ongoing IronMan streak, no later then last year, before he was scratched in order to have a rookie in the line-up, it's fair to say that he may hold a grudge against the team's management even though Tortorella wasn't the man in charge at that point.


The Flyers' Head Coach decisions have been questioned by a lot of people surrounding the NHL, since they've had issues finding the back of the net as of late. Since then Kevin Hayes has been rumoured to be a buy-out candidate at the end of the current season. He carries a hefty $7.142$ AAV for this year plus three more. He's the team leader in points with 29 points in 31 games, working his way to a career highest total in points.
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