WOW | Gallant calls out two of his superstars after many failures

Published March 7, 2023 at 4:54 PM

The New York Rangers showed they were all-in when they added, not one, but two major pieces in their quest for a Stanley Cup. Vladimir Tarasenko and Patrick Kane, two Stanley Cup winners joined the team via trade.

Gerard Gallant now has a team loaded with superstar talent, but since the new acquisition have made their way onto the team's line-up it seems the chemistry isn't there yet. It was only natural that Patrick Kane would be matched to Artemi Panarin since the two had an undeniable chemistry back in their days with the Hawks, but Gallant did not hesitate one second to call them out when he was asked why it wasn't working out:

''There trying to force plays in the middle of the ice too much. There's too many turnovers.''


Since Kane made his to the Big Apple, he shows a -4 differential and has not yet recorded his first point with the Blue Shirts. In his last three games as a Hawk Kane managed nothing less than 8 points.

The Rangers sure spent a lot for this cup run and they surely need to figure it out, with a loaded roster like theirs anything short of a cup will be considered a failure. The team's Head Coach coming out to the media to call out the team's newest acquisition's play may not be the best strategy.
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WOW | Gallant calls out two of his superstars after many failures

Will the Rangers win the cup?

Conference final at bare minimum5947.6 %
1st Round Exit6552.4 %
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