Canucks ownership reportedly interested in acquiring a second franchise

Cooper Godin
June 26, 2024  (12:59)

Prince George Cougars forward & projected 2024 first round pick Terik Parascak.
Photo credit: TSN

Vancouver Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini is reportedly looking to add another hockey team to his portfolio.

According to Ted Clarke of Prince George's Citizen, sources tell him that the Western Hockey League's Prince George Cougars are for sale for $8 million, and Aquilini is reportedly interested in buying the team.
Clarke mentioned that his source has told him Aquilini wants to buy the team and relocate them to Chilliwack, which is nearly two hours east of Vancouver. Aquilini is looking to buy the 5,000-seat Chilliwack Coliseum, and if that happens, then he could attempt to purchase the WHL club.
"The source said Vancouver Canucks owner/chairman Francesco Aquilini wants to buy the Cougars and base the team in the 5,000-seat Chilliwack Coliseum, the former home of the Chilliwack Bruins, who moved to Victoria to become the Royals in 2011.

He said Aquilini has been trying to buy the Chilliwack rink from Chiefs Development Group, which owns and operates the facility, but the city has resisted signing off on the deal." A source said to Ted Clarke.

Despite the reports, the Prince George Cougars released a statement saying that they're not moving from the city and that only one of their shareholders' portion of the ownership may be for sale, not the entire team.
"The team is not for sale. There are absolutely no changes in store for the Cougars, no relocation, no changes whatsoever." Cougars Director of Business Taylor Dakers said.

He added, "Six individuals own the Cougars. We have a single shareholder who may be looking to move on. He does not represent the majority. If he wants to shop his sha,res he has the right to sohat. Five of the six are extremely happy with where they are with the Cougars and wish everything to remain the same."

It'll be interesting to see if Aquilini does buy the arena in Chilliwack and he can bring theg a Western Hockey League back to the city for the first time since 2,011 when the Bruins relocated to Victoria and became the Royals.
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Canucks ownership reportedly interested in acquiring a second franchise

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