Craig Button in an interview
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Craig Button made a bold statement on Dakota Joshua

Published April 2, 2024 at 8:56 PM

The TSN Analyst Craig Button has always been known for his honest comments on the NHL and its players. He visited the Donnie and Dhali show to talk about the Canucks, their regular season succeess and most recently, Dakota Joshua.

Joshua has been making his presence known in about every aspect of the game since he's returned from his injury. Hits, goals, chirping, there's nothing he can't do, and that's what make him valuable to the Canucks. Craig Button even went as far as stating that Joshua had become irreplaceable for the Canucks.

He makes a fair point stating that, if you were to take him out of the line-up, nobody can do what he does or else you'll be shopping for a similar player who'll be worth an egregious amount of money on the open market. Here's what he had to say to Don Taylor and Rick Dhaliwal on the subject:

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Craig Button made a bold statement on Dakota Joshua

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