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JT Miller get his revenge: Shoots puck at the referee

Published April 2, 2024 at 8:56 PM

The Canucks' plan went off the rail only seconds into the game when the Golden Knights scored an impromptu goal to kick things off. From broken plays to questionable penalty calls, the tension was palpable, and some players started getting frustrated.

During the second period, the play was developping deep into the Canucks' zone when J.T. Miller suddenly turned around and fired the puck at the referee, Kelly Sutherland.

Canucks lone highlight of the game: JT Miller spinning and hitting Kelly Sutherland with the puck, knocking him to the ice

Whether the incident was accidental or not, some of the Canucks' fans or perhaps even players wanted to send the referees a message following this egregious performance.

Sutherland kneeled for a moment but got up and finished the game.
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JT Miller get his revenge: Shoots puck at the referee

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