Brock Boeser and Rick Tocchet
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Rick Tocchet confirms it for Brock Boeser: Hints at a minor injury

Published April 1, 2024 at 8:51 PM

It took a toll on everybody when it was learnt that Brock Boeser had left the Canucks' practice midway through. With only a few games to go before the playoffs, everybody's fingers were crossed hoping for a positive update.


The Canucks' Head Coach Rick Tocchet was asked about Boeser's sudden departure from practice earlier today. The coach revealed that he ordered Boeser off the ice so that he could get set for their meeting with the Golden Knights. Tocchet called it a maintenance day, but the coach hinted a minor injury when he said: ''There's nothing really major wrong with him''.

«He hasn't taken a practice off. There's nothing really major wrong with him. I just felt he should get off the ice and be ready for tomorrow. He wanted to stay and practice, but I think he needed a maintenance day.»

Boeser's had issues in the past with maintaining his health through an entire season. Prior to this season, in his six first pro seasons, Boeser never player a full 82 game season. With a career high 38 goals and 69 points, it's fair to say that he'll be trying his best to accentuate his marks.

The Canucks flew to Vegas, they'll be playing the Cup defending Champions, in their home. The game could very well be a preview of what's to come in the playoffs.
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Rick Tocchet confirms it for Brock Boeser: Hints at a minor injury

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