Sportsnet issues a response to Luke Gazdic's rant on the Canucks and Vancouver

Felip Gosselin
June 6, 2024  (8:46 PM)

Luke Gazdic
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The Oilers VS. Canucks second round was electric. The on-ice play was unbelievable, but the social media war has been even better.

The fanbases went hard, and the Canadian Markets lived up to their reputation. Vancouver, Edmonton, Insiders and even analysts were involved in it. It sparked lots of conversations; some even felt comfortable crossing the line at some point.
After the Canucks had been eliminated from contention, HNIC and Sportsnet Analyst Luke Gazdic went on a wild rant against the Canucks and their fanbase.
«Canucks Twitter, you're an absolute joke, your team's a joke, you're a bunch of losers. So, the Oilers are going to the Stanley Cup Finals, and I hope you guys are having fun watching it on TV and watching me on the panel, because you guys are not there. Have fun with your little whining tweets,» Gazdic told the Oilers-focused podcast.

He said he received all kinds of hateful direct messages on both Instagram and Twitter.

«It's the most garbage gibberish trash I've ever seen. Canucks Twitter, you are an absolute joke. Your team's a joke. You're a bunch of losers,» he added.

The rant made its way through the internet. Some members of the Canucks' media intervened and delivered their thought on Gazdic's comments. Gazdic has yet to address his remarks. The giant broadcaster, Sportsnet, did issue a response in regards to their analyst's attacks:
«Luke is relatively new to broadcasting on the national stage, and having millions of people watching him every night comes with an elevated level of scrutiny. As Luke was preparing to appear on the podcast, he received vile, personal attacks toward himself and his family on social media. The content of these social comments was completely unacceptable and crossed a line,» the unsigned response read.

«Luke's response on the podcast was an emotional one and he made the mistake of taking what some people said to him online and generalized about the entire Canucks fan base. He understands his conduct was inappropriate and we are confident it won't happen again.»

«We'll share our regional coverage plans before the start of next season,»

Gazdic appeared regularly during the regular season on Canucks' stream. Whether or not he'll be returning for the 2024-2025 campaign as yet to be confirmed.
As read in the Vancouver Sun:
Canucks: Sportsnet responds to analyst Luke Gazdic's anti-Canucks rant
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Sportsnet issues a response to Luke Gazdic's rant on the Canucks and Vancouver

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