Analysts rants hard on the Canucks: It may be announcing bigger problems

Felip Gosselin
January 22, 2023  (9:07 PM)

The Canucks have had their share of headlines most recently and most of them weren't positive. The firing process of their head coach has been harshly judged and this may entice bigger problems for the Vancouver organization.

Mike McKenna, former goalie and now analyst/journalist at the Daily Faceoff wrote yet again another piece on the Canucks' scrambles. Here are the words he used at the very start of his article:
» If the Vancouver Canucks are trying their best to make every player want to leave town, they're doing a pretty good job.»

It may be a little harsh to believe that the Canucks would want to drive their players out of town, though can you blame him? In his articles, he wondered whether the players could even be proud to say they represent such an organization.
Something everyone will agree on is that the Canucks will need a heck of a PR team to fix the issues with their image and repair the damage that was done to their link to the community and fanbase. McKenna did not fail to point it out.
Let it be remembered that after 14 seasons in the NHL amongst organizations who have struggled to find their path, Tyler Myers had never seen treatment of this sort to a staff member. He also stated over the weekend that the outside noise was definitely getting to their heads and affecting the team's play, I mean, how could it not?
He didn't fail to point out a problem that's really close to the fans' hearts:
» What about the Canucks offering Bo Horvat a lowball contract this offseason, then doubling down on their trash offer with another gutter bomb in-season? What a message to your team. Horvat is having a career year, he's the captain of the team, and the Canucks are crying over not having cap space. All this despite having signed forward J.T. Miller to a massive, seven-year, $56 million contract extension a year in advance of when he was set to hit free agency»

Moving forward how can management really expect to convince players to re-sign long-term or even sign them through free agency? The Canucks have a lot of issues to fix and probably more off-ice than on-ice. Where should they start? Can they salvage the relationship with the community?
SOURCE: Daily Faceoff
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Analysts rants hard on the Canucks: It may be announcing bigger problems

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