Demko opens up about his struggles since the season's debut

Published November 28, 2022 at 12:58

The goalkeeper is very down-to-earth with the way he's been playing, he knows he hasn't played up to the money he's earning. His teammates are confident he'll find his game.

Thatcher Demko stood tall last night against the Sharks while he faced 35 shots and allowed three to go through to the net. While two were deflections, the 3rd goal came from a perfect scene pass across the zone to Luke Kunin who one-timed it past the american goaltender.

Even head coach Bruce Boudreau thought the netminder was great in the game:

"He was so good. The only pucks that beat him were tips or the stupid head-butt puck. But I thought he was really, really sharp and that's two or three games he has been really, really sharp. So I think he's coming back into the fold." -Bruce Boudreau

After getting the OT winner, Andrei Kuzmenko indicated to the media that he was glad he could get his keeper a break, since he knew everybody wanted that win for him. That's the kind of team spirit you want moving forward.

After a stellar 2021-2022 season, a 0.915 save percentage, a 2.72 GAA and 64 starts in a defensively lacking team, Demko hopes to move forward from his rough season start and take the team to next level.
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Demko opens up about his struggles since the season's debut

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