Former 1st overall pick linked to Canucks

Published December 9, 2022 at 10:07

The New York Rangers were lucky enough in 2019 to draft 1st overall, though the player didn't develop like he was meant to.

Alexis Lafreniere is currently playing his last ELC year and after 2 and half years it's safe to say he hasn't turned out to be as good as expected. Of course there is still plenty of hope due to his young age.

The Rangers were meant to be a real contender this year. They've been atrocious and they may be starting to look for a change.

Not so long ago the Canucks hired, as assistant GM, Lafreniere's former agent, Emilie Castonguay. It would make a lot of sense to connect Vancouver's interests to Lafreniere, though what would the acquisition price be?

As contenders, the Rangers would definitely want a player that can have an impact on their line-up? Juste like many teams, cap space is not a luxury they have, how could they make it work?
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Former 1st overall pick linked to Canucks

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