Gary Bettman Begs Tax Payers To Fund The Coyotes New Arena

Published February 23, 2023 at 2:31 PM

When it comes to the NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman not too many people like him, especially in Canada but also in the US.

Bettman has made numerous questionable head scratching decisions over his tenure as the NHL's Commissioner especially when it comes to his beloved Arizona Coyotes. When numerous Hockey Insiders have said the Coyotes franchise is dead and should be relocated Bettman's done everything to avoid that including paying their bills when they couldn't.

The Coyotes are currently sharing the rink with the Arizona State University at Mullet Arena as they are without a home, but have been trying to get a new rink in the city of Tempe, but things haven't been moving along as Bettman of hoped so the Commissioner would actually step up and ask the people of Arizona to cover the bill for the new Arena.

"We need YOU to put Tempe 1st and help us turn this Landfill into a Landmark. Register to vote here"

"I have a little bit of experience with the Coyotes... its been an interesting ride.. I don't think anyone can doubt our support."

- Gary Bettman

Can Bettman get anymore embarrassing? Begging the tax payers to cover his plans. I know one thing, the Quebec Nordiques are willing to come back so let the Coyotes move to Quebec who already has a nice big Arena and problems solved.
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Gary Bettman Begs Tax Payers To Fund The Coyotes New Arena

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Gary Bettman Won't Ever Let It Happen3021.6 %
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