Grading Jim

Published December 12, 2022 at 7:17

Its been a year of changes for the Canucks. They let go of their coach and General Manager in Jim Benning to move on to Jim Rutherford and his wealth of experience. Jim came in and revamped the front office bring in sources of talent he worked with before in Patrick Allvin. He also diversified the Canucks with a strong female presence in Emilie Castonguay and Cammi Granato.

On the ice there have minor additions that have impacted well. Dakota Joshua has become a strong four line mainstay and Ethan Bear is arguably one of the better defenseman right now. Riley Stillman however, hasn't lived up to the trade that got him here for Jason Dickinson and the second round pick that went to the Blackhawks. Ilya Mikheyev has been a good signing so far and is definitely one of the better building blocks the Canucks have.

All of that being said, there still hasn't been the major foundational piece being traded that fans are waiting for. The team struggles to get to .500 hockey and without spectacular goaltending such as last season, this team just seems to flounder along. They are better than last year under Boudreau vs under Green but not by much and in this strong Canadian market that don't fare well going forward.

Matt Sekeres had this to say on Fridays SekeresandPrice show transcribed on The Daily Hive.

Is it the right move for the Canucks? Is it the right move for the fans?
Only time time will tell for this franchise that used to be one of the powerhouses of the NHL..

How do you grade Jim Rutherford in his first year?
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Grading Jim

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