WATCH: Boudreau makes them pay the price at practice

Published December 11, 2022 at 7:46 PM

The Canucks have shown many lackluster performances at home this season and fans are starting to get tired of it.

Last night, in their tilt against the Wild, it was no different. After harsh comments to the media last night, Bruce Boudreau striked again and the players got the worst of it during today's practice.

Boudreau showed his disappointment with a good old bag skate. It's a rare thing to see in-season, normally the kind of things you'd get during the team's camp. A coach with Boudreau's experience must've been really pissed off to send his players on a bagger. Everyone paid the price, even the goaltenders.

Boudreau's contract ends when the season comes to term. Even though they've won 8 out of their last 12, they've failed to play above the 0.500 mark since the season started. Is Boudreau's coaching career on the line?
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WATCH: Boudreau makes them pay the price at practice

Should the Canucks renew Boudreau's contract?

Yes17540.9 %
No10624.8 %
Wait until the end of the season14734.3 %
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