HORVAT: New contract or trade for assets? We have new info.

Published December 5, 2022 at 8:27

The Horvat situation's has been of the main conversation topic since J.T. Miller has signed his extension and even more so since he's literally been on fire.

The Canucks will have to make a decision regarding their current team captain and leading goalscorer. Every week, a new information drops and this week ahead of a matchup against the Montreal Canadiens is no different.

Thomas Drance and Rick Dhaliwal, who are both close to the team, release new information in their latest article in the Athletics. According to their information, the further we move into the season, the harder it'll be to sign the centerman.

Horvat is putting up numbers that'll certainly give him a hefty paycheck once the day comes. He's one the most lethal scorers in the league after 23 games, showing 19 tallies, which is good for 3rd in the league behind the likes of Jason Robertson (23) and Connor McDavid (21). Add over this, the fact that Horvat's also one the top faceoff guy in the league? Rarely can you see a guy with those numbers hitting the market.

The Canucks will be presented with 2 options:

A top center's salary stands at just about $8M as indicated by Roope Hintz's most recent deal with the Stars. It's a number that Horvat could definitely get if he hits free agency. Now here's the Canucks point of view according to the 2 columnist:

$8M is a number the Canucks will be extremely reluctant to go to in contract talks with Horvat, ... In fact, there's a reluctant recognition that the club has to careful about committing that much cap space to too few players, particularly given that significant raises for Elias Pettersson and Andrei Kuzmenko loom on the immediate horizon.

According to the insider's saying, there's been little to no progress of late and the further we advance, the more likely it is for Horvat to become a trade chip.

As we move toward the deadline, the possibility that he will be dealt needs to be observed. If the Canucks keep trending downwards, a Horvat deal could help facilitate a rebuild with major pieces. They stated that the right deal for the Centerman would be centered on multiple young players, more likely a center or even a righthanded defenseman.

Think of the Claude Giroux between the Flyers and the Panthers at last years deadline, add the fact that Horvat is much younger.

With Demko's injury and the team recent play, do you think the Canucks should consider moving Horvat their primary option?
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HORVAT: New contract or trade for assets? We have new info.

Up to what cost do we want do keep Horvat?

Beyond $8M is too much3111 %
Between $7M and $8M19468.6 %
He’s worth Beyond $8M is too much2910.2 %
$6.5M not a penny more2910.2 %
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