Bear makes a special request

Published December 4, 2022 at 7:36 PM

Ethan Bear has been with the team for 16 games now, amassing 5 points along the way.

It's news to no one that Ethan Bear is of Cree descent and was raised in the Ochapowace Nation near Whitewood, Saskatchewan. He's an indigenous model for young members of his community.

In a recent interview on After Hours with Scott Oake of Sportsnet, he revealed that he would like to wear his indigenous spelling on his jersey.

It had been made possible for a warmup while he was with Oilers, but never for a full game.

It would most definitely send a strong message, in a time where we're hearing a lot of chatter around ‘'Hockey is for everyone'', do you think this could set a good example?
December 4   |   500 answers
Bear makes a special request

Do you think the Canucks should pull the trigger on this one?

Let’s do it43386.6 %
No, we keep it the way it is6713.4 %
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