Hansen on Sportnet : Strongly criticize the Canucks' management

Published December 14, 2022 at 2:24 PM

The Canucks made the decision over the summer to resign J.T. Miller to a 7-year and $56M deal. While the team captain also needs a new deal.

Jannik Hansen was on the People's show lately and was highly critical of the team's management lately. He hasn't failed to comment on the most recent situation involving the ongoing contractual negotiations with Bo Horvat.

"If you pick between J.T. Miller and Bo Horvat, you obviously pick Bo 9 out of 10 times.. and I don't know picked the 10th time."

Let it be reminded that Hansen had the opportunity to share the ice with Bo in the early stage of his career. Even though he's categoric about who he would choose first, Hansen is firm on his beliefs that he wouldn't spend $8M/year for a phenomenal 2nd line center. He still thinks that there are too many holes to fill for Bo Horvat to be a top center.

It is clear that Hansen considers that signing Miller over Horvat was a mistake, especially since Horvat would've agreed to way less money during the summer. Unless it was Horvat that took the bet on himself.
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Hansen on Sportnet : Strongly criticize the Canucks' management

Did the Canucks make the right play by signing Miller first?

No, Horvat should've been the priority27576.2 %
Yes it was the right play277.5 %
They should've waited on both5916.3 %
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