Hansen reveals what the internal problem is with the Canucks

Published December 20, 2022 at 6:11 PM

Former Canuck Jannik Hansen was once again highly critical regarding the Canucks most recent on-ice difficulties.

Jannik Hansen stated that there was a clear lack of internal competition/motivation and that's what's causing the Canucks' problems.

"There is one thing NHL players fear.. It's not getting their paycheque anymore. You don't have people waiting in the AHL to steal your jobs anymore Right now, that internal competition is not there."

Isn't that a good point? How many times did we see Miller turning the puck over on the man advantage, costing a goal or not, and being out there for the next one? How many bad penalties did Myers take and had the opportunity to make a new mistake two minutes later?

The Flyers most recently scratched Kevin Hayes because he was not putting the required effort according to Tortorella, even though he's on his way to a career high total in points.

Should the Canucks consider adopting a similar strategy?
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Hansen reveals what the internal problem is with the Canucks

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