LATEST | Allvin announced his colors regarding his management of the salary cap

Published April 21, 2023 at 7:19 PM

An accumulation of bad trades and signing have put the Canucks in a tough spot regarding the salary cap.

In the midst of retooling, money is a very valuable asset, and Patrik Allvin has no room to deal with it. To remind you of what a great retool looks like, the New York Rangers are an excellent demonstration of what retooling with assets and money can look like. They went down hard, loaded up on assets, and hit hard on the free agency when they signed the excellent Artemi Panarin, look at them now.

On the Canucks' end, this isn't trending in the same direction. In his year-end media availability, he came off with concerning statements regarding the matter. While he first stated that there were going to be changed:

«There's going to be some changes,»

He then proceeded to add an extremely important statement regarding the buy-out possibilities:

«I don't want to use buyouts if we don't have to, I don't want to use buyouts if it's going to affect us down the line when we could be a contending team. My intention is not to use buyouts.»

Clearly, buyouts affect the team down the line. Reading between the lines, it's a clear indication that Aquillini called it and that he has no intention to pay a player to leave. Allvin will have to be extremely creative in order to move out big contracts.

If Allvin wants any chance of moving an important chunk of salary, it's hard not to think about Brock Boeser ($6.65M AAV), Conor Garland ($4.95M AAV), Anthony Beauvilier ($4.15M AAV) upfront. On the defensive side of things, Tyler Myers ($6M AAV) and Oliver Ekman-Larson ($ 7.26M AAV) clearly are the potential movers.

Tyler Myers will likely be out the door this summer since there is only one year left on his contract, Brock Boeser's recent play will probably make him a hot commodity on July 1st.

Canucks are in a tough spot and being creative to make cap space will most likely mean that they will be adding incentives in order to move players. Would you rather pay to get rid of bad contracts with money or with assets? Which will hurt the team more down the line?
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LATEST | Allvin announced his colors regarding his management of the salary cap

Should they trade assets to rid themselves of bad contracts?

Yes4228.4 %
No, buy them out2416.2 %
Keep them until they're tradeable6040.5 %
Trade them with salary retention2214.9 %
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