LATEST | Several former NHLers calling out the Maple Leafs for the way they cheat roster limitations and the salary cap

Published April 11, 2023 at 12:25

When Jett Alexander skated onto the ice for the final minute of Saturday's game against the Canadiens, he became became the sixth goaltender on an ATO to appear in a National Hockey League game.

The Maple Leafs were forced into another EBUG situation on Monday night due to their salary cap as they signed Owen Sound Attack goaltender Nick Chenard, but he didn't appear in the game against Florida, as Ilya Samsonov recorded the win.

Toronto almost needed to use an ATO for a third straight game, but were allowed to use an emergency call-up for tonight's game against Tampa Bay as Joseph Woll is expected to get the start.

While it's a nice story to see these goaltenders live out their dream of appearing in a National Hockey League game, whether it's only for a minute like Jett Alexander or the 29 minutes David Ayres got back in 2020, situations like these shouldn't be happening, especially in games with playoff implications.

Mike McKenna, Former NHL goaltender and current reporter for 'DailyFaceoff', spoke with several ex-goalies about the EBUG situation across the league and many of them were not happy.

"I think it's a joke," according to another ex-NHL goaltender. "Guys grind it out for years and never get a chance now they are just handing (out playing time)."

"Makes the league look so Mickey Mouse," another ex-goalie said, who had dozens of games of NHL experience.

"I think it's horseshit," one former NHLer told McKenna. "It's a privilege to play in the NHL. It's not fantasy hockey."

While everyone has their different opinions, one solution I personally have that the NHL could do to avoid EBUG situations is to allow all 32 teams to carry a third goaltender on their active roster, as long as their salary is less than $1 million.

There's no doubt that the NHL Players' Association and the league will want this issue addressed, but we may have to wait until the next Board of Governors meetings in June before more is discussed on this topic.

Source: DailyFaceoff
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LATEST | Several former NHLers calling out the Maple Leafs for the way they cheat roster limitations and the salary cap

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