LATEST | Tocchet listed the three things that were responsible for the win in Dallas

Published March 25, 2023 at 8:15 PM

The Canucks were in Dallas tonight and they managed a strong effort to tally a 3-1 win.

A great team effort, an outstanding goaltending performance were the reason behind shutting down a powerhouse in the Western Conference.

Rick Tocchet stood before the media to comment on the win and listed the three things that were the difference makers in this one:

‘'Our defence was terrific. Demmer was solid. We didn't have one passenger tonight...It was a really hard effort from the guys.''

That surely is something we did not get to hear early in the season. Defense had been sloppy, PK was horrific and the goaltending was way below average. Had the team put up performances like the one we witnessed tonight we could have been talking about a playoff run instead of a lottery pick.

Nevertheless, the team is currently building on new foundations and it definitely sets precedent for the upcoming season. Now that Tocchet has is system down, that Miller and Demko are back to their usual self, only the sky is the limit for this Canucks team.

Tocchet mentionned it on multiple occasions, but the summer training will be crucial for the Canucks. Especially for youngsters like Kravstov, Podkolzin, McDonough and Rathbone who'll be pushing for a permanent roster spot. But also for the team's management who will try and add to the core they've been trying to build.
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LATEST | Tocchet listed the three things that were responsible for the win in Dallas

Can the Canucks build off of the foundations they've built and make the playoffs next season?

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