MAJOR | Gary Bettman makes a wild promise for the Arizona Coyotes

Published April 20, 2023 at 8:52 PM

The Arizona Coyotes have turned into a joke and the situation has angered many fanbases around North America.

It's still a wonder that up to this day, the NHL has maintained this team status, especially since after over 20 years they've never even made a profit. This joke has even gone further since they've been playing in a Junior Hockey sized rink.

For the last few months, the City of Tempe has been surfing around a new arena project, but the way it's developing, this project may just cause a Civil War as too many parties oppose on its future location.

Gary Bettman took it upon himself to make his sales pitch regarding the project and made a promise that will shock anyone that doesn't live in Arizona:

''Once the project is approved, the Coyotes will never go elsewhere. They will be here forever.

If you look at the substance, not the rhetoric... I cannot imagine why anyone would think it's a bad idea''

Clearly, Bettman sees an untapped potential that most of the NHL's fanbase can't see.

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MAJOR | Gary Bettman makes a wild promise for the Arizona Coyotes

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