MAJOR | Insider reveals the full offer the Penguins had drawn up for J.T. Miller

Published April 3, 2023 at 8:15 PM

J.T. Miller has been a true warrior since the coaching change. While the rumor mill had it that the Canucks wanted to move him and that a massive trade with the Penguins fell through. It'd be easy to think that Allvin and Rutherford are possibly happy that the trade never happened.

The Penguins moved lots of money around days prior to the deadline in hopes of adding a forward in their chase for a playoff run. J.T. Miller was heavily involved in trade rumors and not only did Frank Seravalli confirm there was an offer on the table, but he specified the assets the Canucks could've received for the forward.

Per Seravalli's sayings, the Canucks would've received two 1st Round Selections along with Jason Zucker. The Canucks didn't want Zucker and they were trying to find a taker for him, in a previous article it was stated that the Canucks had talked to at least two teams to come in as third parties:

Miller is now up to 76 points in 75 games, in what most will be calling a ''down-season'' for the superstar forward. Since Tocchet came in and placed him down the second line's middle, he's really proven his worth. However, his $56M contract will be kicking in on July 1st, along with his 7-year full no-movement clause.

Having the full trade on display, should the Canucks have done everything they possibly could to move Miller? Or did they make the right call keeping him around?
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MAJOR | Insider reveals the full offer the Penguins had drawn up for J.T. Miller

Did the Canucks make the right call?

Yes he's been fire ever since he joined the Nucks9934.1 %
No, they should've traded him11539.7 %
This contract won't age well7626.2 %
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