MAJOR | Patrik Allvin makes a really intriguing statement regarding J.T. Miller

Published April 18, 2023 at 6:48 PM

J.T. Miller has been a major part of the Canucks success over the last four years. He signed a massive extension prior to the start of the season linking him to the Canucks for the next 7 years of his life. Even still, the forward can't stay away from the trade rumors.

In his year-end media availability, Patrik Allvin, did nothing to cease those rumors as he only added to them. It is believed that a few days prior to the trade deadline, a deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins was being discussed, but it never happened.

While the team's GM stated that he was very satisfied with the Miller played over the last 30 games and even added that he was happy to have him in Vancouver he added a comment that will only fire up the rumors:

''Since I got here a year ago J.T. has been traded everywhere based on the rumors. For him to block that out the last 30 games he played were pretty impressive. I'm very happy to have him here,»

Allvin says, but notes too that He'll listen

Miller has been a standout ever since Tocchet came in. They literally brought in Tocchet so he could teach the Canucks' and Miller, in particular, accountability, and now they're still considering moving him? The Canucks are lucky enough to have high-end producers, is it really the right move to trade them?
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MAJOR | Patrik Allvin makes a really intriguing statement regarding J.T. Miller

Should the Canucks move on from J.T. Miller?

If they can get a similar return to Bo, yes16650.5 %
Yes, no matter the cost5416.4 %
Absolutely not10933.1 %
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