MAJOR | State Governor to meet with Gary Bettman about relocating the Coyotes

Published May 21, 2023 at 11:28

It's been nearly one week since the vote in Tempe struck down the Coyotes' plan to build a new arena and entertainment district in their city.

The Coyotes will remain in Arizona for the 2023-24 season, playing at Mullett Arena which is home to the ASU Sun Devils, but beyond next year, it's unclear where they'll be playing. Relocation is becoming a very real possibility with cities like Salt Lake City, Houston and Kansas City being options for the Coyotes, but one other city the NHL is familiar with could also be in the mix.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont says he will be meeting with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman about bringing the Arizona Coyotes to Hartford.

"This is a great hockey state and a great hockey town," he said. "It's evidenced by the passion we have for the Whalers going back years, still one of the best selling jerseys. I think we can guarantee them a very strong market right here, and a government that's ready to come and be their partner."

"We will be talking, my hope is next week,» Lamont added. "Let him know about the serious interest that Connecticut has and in particular Hartford has."

It's been quite a while since Hartford has seen NHL hockey, 26-years in fact since the Whalers left for Carolina, becoming the Hurricanes. If the Coyotes were to relocate to Hartford, it's quite likely that they'll play out of XL Center, which holds 14,750 for hockey and would be the smallest rink in terms of capacity in the NHL. So it's probably not the NHL's top location, but they appear to be willing to listen and are open to all possibilities.

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MAJOR | State Governor to meet with Gary Bettman about relocating the Coyotes

Where should the Coyotes play after next season?

Houston7637.8 %
Salt Lake City4220.9 %
Hartford5828.9 %
Somewhere else in Arizona2512.4 %
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