NHL legend shares big idea on how to change shootouts (video)

Published April 2, 2023 at 1:17 PM

The majority of hockey fans would be happy if the NHL decided that the shootout goes the way of the Dodo and if they extended 3-on-3 overtime to seven or ten minutes.

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky proposed a big change while on the TNT panel this weekend and it takes a bit of a shot at Washington Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov, whose takes his time during his shootout attempts. Gretzky stated the following on the subject:

"You've got to protect the goalies right? There should be a a time clock. Eight or nine seconds. If you can't get there in eight seconds, you don't deserve to be taking the shot."

Gretzky has a bit of a point. The shootout has become quite dull in recent years and fans have grown increasingly tired of it. The lack of creativity from players in the shootout is part of the reason, but the excitement and thrill that 3-on-3 overtime brings just proves that NHL has found a method that works. Now it's time for the NHL and NHLPA to start discussing the possibility of extending overtime and eliminating the shootout entirely.

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NHL legend shares big idea on how to change shootouts (video)

Should the NHL extend 3-on-3 overtime and get rid of the shootout?

Yes, to seven minutes209.5 %
Yes, to ten minutes15372.9 %
No, keep the shootout and five minute OT2612.4 %
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