P.K. Subban Caught On Camera Disrespecting A Legend?

Published February 26, 2023 at 10:07

Former NHL defenseman P.K. Subban is still getting use to life after hockey, after his surprise decision to retire this summer. Subban has become a hockey analyst for ESPN, sharing his expertise from his NHL career.

However, Subban is facing some backlash after appearing to disrespect NHL legend Mark Messier. During Saturday night's first intermission between the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers, Moose was giving his insight on the game, while Subban seemed to be disinterested, check it out:

"Just became a huge PK fan. Lmaooo #ALLCAPS."

In the clip above, Messier was breaking down the hit T.J. Oshie laid on Ryan Lindgren, explaining that Lindgren should've braced himself a little bit for the hit and perhaps, even taken a different angle to the puck.

It's obvious Subban didn't agree with Messier's take on the Oshie-Lindgren hit and that part of it is fine, shaking his head on camera in front of a legend like Messier isn't right.

There's a certain level of respect guys like Messier have earned. Subban needs to learn to respect others. You can not agree with something, but you don't need to shake your head visibly while someone else is talking. Messier has earned more than that.

If this was back in Messier's playing days he would of fed Subban a elbow joking or not. But in all seriousness, I don't believe Subban was intending to disrespect Messier in any way.
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P.K. Subban Caught On Camera Disrespecting A Legend?

Do you feel P.K. Subban disrespected Mark Messier?

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