The Athletic releases its top-25 trade candidates

Published December 15, 2022 at 1:49 PM

The Athletic have just released their new edition of their 2022-2023 trade board. Since the season began, we've only talked about the Canucks being sellers because of the Bo Horvat and Brock Boeser but situation, but who could the Canucks actually pursue?

1. Bo Horvat

The Canucks captain sits atop this list, they could decide to keep him beyond the deadline if they meant to chase the cup. Even though it may mean losing him once the free agent market opens up.

8. John Klingberg

We're in need of Right Handed d-man that can play on both ends of the ice. He carries a $7.0M AAV before hitting the market at the end of the current season. If the Canucks were to make a run for the cup, he'd definitely be a great addition. The Ducks could potentially be buyers if we were to send Brock Boeser + the other way around.

9. Brock Boeser

No need to expand on the subject, he's there for obvious reasons.

11. Matt Dumba

Same reasons than Klingberg, Dumba's a RH D-man carrying a $6.0M AAV until the end of the season. He'd definitely be a cheaper rental and he could possibly be extended once come season end.

25. Luke Schenn

The veteran d-man will be highly demanded the closer we get to the deadline, both him and his agent have already stated that Schenn loves Vancouver, if the Canucks wanted to make a run, he's certainly not going anywhere.

Jim Rutherford has been known in the past to wait it out, don't expect him to move before his time. The Canucks are only a few points short of a playoff's spot, if they can string a few W's together. Once Demko's back they could be in the portrait. The way the team is going to play from here to March 3rd will definitely determine the team's strategy moving forward.

Here's the article and full list: Athletic Top-25 Trade Bait
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The Athletic releases its top-25 trade candidates

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