Tyler Minors

Published November 13, 2022 at 5:37 PM

It wasn't even the end of the 2nd Period & top 4 defence man Tyler Myers had spent six minutes in the Penalty Box.

Well not a full 6 minutes, thanks only to the fact the Bruins' Brad Marchand scored on the third of those 3 man advantages only 13 seconds into the infraction, making it a 4-1 game & all but sealing the deal.


This team is TERRIBLE in their own end, they can't convert in the offensive zone & have players dropping wounded (or disinterested?) at an alarming rate. The fix certainly isn't one move away, but the next move has to be Christian Wolanin stepping into this lineup & allowing Myers to watch a few games from Popcorn Row.

Jim Rutherford has stated that he wants to get younger & faster, yet he allows old, slow players to continually be played, coughing up pucks, taking penalties & getting beat on chances in their own end.

Myers, who certainly isn't the only guilty party as it relates to the blame game for the Canucks, is the most visible if for no other reason than his wing span & penchant to be constantly a step behind. His 5 Year - $30,000,000 ticket expires at the end of next year, which includes him handing the Canucks a 'No Trade' list of 10 teams in July of this year.


It's safe to say there are a couple of absolute Albatross contracts on this defensive core, when you look at Oliver Ekman Larsson's ticket as well, so now its a game of trying to get out from under these deals. It takes 2 to make a deal though, so you can bet the Canucks's brass have their Long Distance phone plans in order as they continue to sink into the basement of the NHL.
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Tyler Minors

What is the solution for Tyler Myers

Healthy scratch for a couple games10129.2 %
Trade him for Gatorade12235.3 %
Let him play through it3811 %
Buy out the last year8524.6 %
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