Hockey Analyst Makes A Bold Stanley Cup Final Prediction

Published February 6, 2023 at 4:38 PM

The NHL is set to continue after the NHL All-Star break as we head into the final stretch of the regular season.

With around 30 games left for most teams we are starting to get a look of what the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs could look like.

If the playoffs began today with the teams' current standings this is what round one would be:

Eastern Conference

Bruins vs Penguins
Hurricanes vs Capitals
Leafs vs Lightning
Devils vs Rangers

Western Conference

Stars vs Avalanche
Kraken vs Oilers
Jets vs Wild
Kings vs Golden Knights

This is just obviously pure speculation because things could change during the final stretch of the season.

But one matchup that sounds very intriguing is the Maple Leafs vs Lightning. These two had one of the best first round matchups last season, with the Lightning winning that series.

On Monday, The NHL Network panel discussed the upcoming Playoffs and Hockey Analyst Mike Rupp was discussing how the Lightning could be a cup contender yet again, then Former NHLer Mike Johnson looked like he was going to jump in the Bruins bandwagon but then made a bold prediction that he thinks we will see a Leafs vs Oilers Stanley Cup final.

Johnson would say:

I think the winner of the Toronto vs Tampa has a great chance of upsetting Boston. They'll be battle tested - if it's Toronto, so full of confidence after having accomplished something they've been striving to accomplish getting past the first round. They also played Boston really tough, as has Tampa.. The Momentum of winning that very big series to start the playoffs, cloud propel that team forward.

Johnson on the Leafs having a great chance to run the gauntlet in the East in this year's playoffs.

Johnson is a former member of the Maple Leafs so it's easy to call this "Homerism", but Johnson could have a point we never seen the Leafs make it past the first round since 2004. As for his prediction of the Oilers, they made it all the way to the Western Conference finals last year and have Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl so I wouldn't ever count them out.
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Hockey Analyst Makes A Bold Stanley Cup Final Prediction

Maple Leafs vs Oilers Stanley Cup final?

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